Deposit Payment Options

In order to secure a reservation a deposit will be payable at the time of booking.  The deposit acts as a measure of booking security for both guest and host and amounts to 50% of the base rental price (price for up to 2 people, excluding cleaning and taxes).  We can accept payment by IBAN, PayPal, online Card Payment and also through any number of online payment services such as Transferwise, TransferGo and Revolut.

We reserve the right to make an exception.  In certain circumstances such as a last minute booking, reservations may be secured without deposit.  Should this apply, the information would be made clear in our initial offer.

The best payment method varies according to the country of origin.  Charges may apply so do check with your chosen payment provider first.


IBAN is a widely used, secure method of transferring money internationally between bank accounts.  For many the process is very straight forward and can be initiated through an online banking platform.  Alternatively transfers can be undertaken upon request at the payer's bank.  Some countries and banks charge for this service.  Accurate information on potential transfer charges incurred can only be obtained from your own bank.

To pay a deposit by IBAN, you would need our bank account information.  To avoid any confusion in the reservation process these details will be provided only after you advise us of your preferred payment method.  IBAN bank transfers take an average of 2 working days to complete.

Online Transfer

Transferwise, TransferGo and Revolut are just a few of the alternative online payment services available.  Their service provides the means to transfer funds to any IBAN account worldwide from a credit or debit card, or directly from your bank and in multiple currencies.  The exchange rates offered are accurate and the service fee can be up to 8 times less than that charged by the banks.  Not all currencies are supported.

Visit, or for more information.


PayPal is a trusted and widely used method of online payment.  To use PayPal you would first need to register for an account - a quick, easy and completely free online process.  How you use your PayPal account would be up to you and options vary according to country.  Add funds to create a PayPal balance with which to make payments, register a bank account or a credit/debit card from which you can send payments directly and securely.

For more information visit:

If you advise us that you would like to pay through PayPal you will be sent an invoice by email through which you can initiate a payment.  PayPal payments are instant and both parties are notified during each step of the transfer.

Card Payments

To accept payment by Credit or Debit Card, we use the secure guest payment services provided by PayPal.  If you advise us that you would like to pay by card you will be sent an invoice by email.  Assuming that you do not have a PayPal account, when you click through the invoice payment prompt you will be given the option to either create a PayPal account or to pay by Credit or Debit Card.  To pay using a card you are essentially using PayPal as a guest and although you would not be using their account, you will still benefit from their secure payment services!

Online card payments through payPal are instant and both parties are notified during each step of the transfer.

PayPal and online Card Payments incur a 5% surcharge.

Regardless of the method used, the full deposit amount should be received.  If any additional charges are inurred in the receipt of the payment (such as international bank charges or hidden fees), the balance amount will be adjusted and reflected in the invoice.  Proof of the charge will naturally be provided.

The deposit is non-refundable.  In the event of a cancellation our terms and conditions will apply.  That said, all cancellation requests are considered on an individual basis, you are dealing with genuine people and not an automated service.  Should you need to make changes or cancel a reservation we will do everything possible to reach an agreeable and satisfactory solution.

Protect your Reservation!

Travel Insurance is a necessity for many travellers, particularly those undertaking adventurous activities and requiring an extra level of protection.  However full insurance packages can be costly and many holiday-makers still avoid the extra expense.

We can recommend a fair-priced solution in the form of the Europäische Reserversicherung.

The online company have an excellent range of packages available accompanied by a very reasonable tariff.  We particularly like the Cancellation-Only-Cover with a charge amounting to only 5% of the total amount you need to cover against cancellation.

For more information visit:

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