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Kids Festival at Mauterndorf CastleART, CULTURE, FESTIVALS and EVENTS

The Lungau is a very family friendly place and is host to year-round festivals, celebrations, events and activities for the whole family to enjoy. There is everything to experience including concerts, painting and sculpture, culinary delights, traditional celebrations and children's festivals where kids get to dress up and take part in adventure trails, games and activities with cable car rides, pony trekking, bouncy castles, carriage rides, even model airplane flying.

Maibaum FestivalIn spring, highlights include the Maibaum Festival which involves erecting a huge decorated tree trunk in a prominent town location.  Competitors are invited to cover their hands in a sticky glue and climb the trunk with much cheering and encouragement from onlookers.  The goal is to get to the highest point possible in the shortest amount of time.  As with many Austrian traditions the events usually involve much Beer and merriment.

SamsonThe Samson festival in Autumn is quite spectacular and involves parades of huge Samsonman figures - each uniquely designed, carved and decorated, weighing up to 80kg and carried by a young bachelor who, accompanied by the Samson dwarves, parades and performs the Samson dance through the town.  The Samson, a legend from the Old Testament, represents the struggle of the Jews against the Philistines and the heroic biblical figure is very much a symbol of the Lungau.  Many myths, legends and rumors are interwoven with the giant figure and over the years groups and clubs have been founded in the towns and villages to keep this old tradition alive.  Once again, this has to been witnessed to be fully appreciated.  At this time of year the drink of choice is an interesting, partly fermented wine called "Sturm".

St Nikolaus and his KrampusOur favourite event is the Krampuslauf held during the first Advent Weekend in December.  A Krampus is a scary creature that helps out St Nikolaus at Christmas time.  They are there to ensure that everyone is too scared to not be well behaved - and if you ever meet a Krampus you will understand why!  The actual Krampuslauf involves around 200 Krampus running through the streets of town often whipping innocent bystanders with their Ruten (a bunch of sticks) whilst St Nikolaus and his Angels hand out sweet treats to the children.  It is quite an experience ....

 For an overview of forthcoming events throughout the Lungau visit the Lungau Tourist website,

or for events specific to St Michael visit St Michael Tourist Site


Family-specific programs, excursions, events and festivals are detailed on the website where prices and downloadable brochures can be found.  

For children's events in St Michael click HERE

Other individual Town sites will provide additional information.  Look for the link worded "Veranstaltung".

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